Free Delaware Divorce Public Records Search Tips

If you have a reason to search for Divorce records for either yourself or a member of your family, there are free search engines, which can be accessed on the internet to provide you with the information you seek. These search engines are public databases that can be accessed by you if you have the proper information in order to locate the record you want.

Censusfinder is a good choice for free Divorce record searches. Censusfinder can be found at the following web address:

Once have arrived at the website, you can either perform a general name search or you can locate the county where the divorce occurred and search from there.

As these records are public databases, there is a chance that some records will not be found on-line. If this occurs, you may be forced to use either the VitalChek service, or the official State of Delaware website/office. However, please be aware that you will be required to pay fees if you go either of these routes.

VitalRec is another great website, which is free to all users.

If you perform a simple search, most records will be free. However, if you need to request official transcripts, you can only use the aforementioned VitalChek or the official website:

Here is a link to the form if you need to go this route:

All records are available:
By mail – Through VitalChek and/or

Electronically – You can visit or another approved website.

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